About Us




We work to deliver sustainable performances in projects for our investors, our communities and the environment. Infinity Corporation Australia pursues excellence in ensuring a sustainable future through feasible enterprise and taking on responsible business practices to ensure successful operations and resources.

Infinity Corporation Australia Pty Ltd is a Western Australia company with involvement within a diverse range of markets. From investments in mining, real estate and property development. At Infinity, we provide secure investment within a wide variety of sectors to create wealth through capital growth. 
Our team has years of experience in tailored investment solutions, that offers a complete service for project management, property management, asset management, fund management, and debt raising. Infinity will continue to grow strongly not only through innovation, but by seizing new strategic opportunities through global partnerships with investors from across Asia and beyond.
We believe in a set of core values that speaks volumes about our investment opportunities. Our hope is to create a better tomorrow for our investors and future generations.



Infinity Corporation Australia long term success comes from adding value to our investment portfolio through high quality across every aspect.  Quality is a part of our pursuit for a high standard of excellence.